Golden January Light + Turquoise Hair

I hate winter.  I hate the cold.  I hate snow. I hate the short days and early darkness.  But, I grudgingly admit that winter light, particularly Jan and Feb sunlight, is really some of the prettiest of the year.  It has a soft glow to it, but is vibrant.  It’s different than that summer evening glow, which is warm and soft.  This light is warm, but strong, sharp, vivid.  So, when I can force myself to get out in it, I always find I’m in love with the images I capture.  These are no exception.  Lily just had her hair dyed turquoise at the ends, and she’s beyond thrilled.  In the span of five very cold minutes, we captured these.

My girl . . .IMG_1752IMG_1754IMG_1775IMG_1804IMG_1827IMG_1829IMG_1835IMG_1850

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